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HIPS 1,75mm black 0,75kg - 3D Filament Supplies

Product code: HIPS-175-BLACK-3DF

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Quick Overview

HIPS 1,75mm black 0,75kg. From the European brand 3D Filament Supplies. Good strong EU quality.
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Description HIPS 1,75mm black 0,75kg - 3D Filament Supplies



Thermal properties

DescriptionTest methodTypical value
Printing temperature- 220 - 270 Degree Celsius
Melting temperatureISO 294 220 Degree Celsius +- 40 Degree Celsius
Vicat softening temperatureISO 306+- 89 Degree Celsius

Physical properties

DescriptionTest methodTypical value
Specific gravityISO 11831,04 g/cc
MFR 200u02daC/5kgISO 11833,4 cm/ 10 min
Tensile stressISO 52722 Mpa
Elongation at break(MD)-50%
Tensile modulusISO 5271550 Mpa
Impact strengthnizod method 23°CISO 17915 KJ/m2

HIPS is an easy to print, High Impact Polystyrene filament with multifunctional properties. HIPS is an excellent support material in combination with ABS, because it dissolves in D’limonene and ABS remains unaffected. HIPS is very suitable for detailed prints, but also for large objects because the material shows very limited warping. Furthermore HIPS is very light and durable, has good interlayer bonding, can be glued easily and the colours result in a smooth matt surface of the 3D printed objects. High Impact Polystyrene is therefore widely used in model building.

Colour: Black RAL9017


  • Suitable for all printers
  • European quality
  • Dissolves in D'limonene
  • High impact-resistance
  • Can be glued easily
  • For matt, detailed, compex or large prints
  • Light and durable
  • Virtually no ''warping''

Additional info

Recommended temperature for heated bed is +- 65-110 Degree Celcius. The speed with which HIPS dissolves in D'limonene is depending on the volume and improves by movement. HIPS can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.


Cool and dry (15-25 Degree Celsius) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.

Additional Information HIPS 1,75mm black 0,75kg - 3D Filament Supplies

Package Size 0.75
Type of units Kilogram
EAN Code 0635131443909
Manufacturer Part Number HIPS-175BK1-0750A
Original Product Name HIPS 1,75mm black 0,75kg - 3D Filament Supplies
Core Product Name HIPS 1,75mm black 0,75kg
Product Category HIPS
Brand 3D Filament Supplies
Product Type Food supplement
Weight (grams) 750.0000
Package Quantity 1
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
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